Cleaning Kits

Proper eyewear care is recommended to protect your investment. With our advanced formula cleaning solution, you can enjoy crystal clear lenses! Tough enough to clean the dirtiest grime, our Lens Cleaner solution is safe for all lens coatings and won’t streak.
Lens Cleaning Products Try our convenient pre-moistened lens cloths or our Care Kits that come with a towel and solution.

  • Easy to Use
  • Travel friendly
  • Applies and dries in seconds
  • Safe for all lens coatings


Eyeglass & Contact Lens Cases

Eyewear fits your personality and now so do the cases. We sell cases of all flavors, Sport, Fashion, Kids and more!! Pick the case that matches your unique style, and protect your eyewear against dirt, scratching and breakage.

  • Hard Cases
  • Sport Mesh Cases
  • Sunglass Cases
  • Contact Lens Cases