Sports-related eye injuries are topping 100,000 per year, and almost all are preventable by protective eyewear. Children are especially vulnerable to eye injuries because they don’t know their vision, and possibly a lifetime of healthy vision, is at stake.

We are committed to communicate and educate eyewear consumers on the performance differences between fashion eyeglasses and protective sports eyewear designed to prevent eye injuries.

We recommend wearing eye protection for the following sports and recreational activities. baseball, softball, racquetball, tennis, badminton, soccer, ice hockey, paintball, street hockey, basketball, lacrosse, archery, fencing, boxing, karate. Add to the list any other activity that uses a projectile or racket; or involves rough contact with other players; or requires travel at high speed.

We carry sports eyewear that offers the appropriate protection for most sports – and our protective eyewear is available in either prescription or nonprescription.

Visit one of our locations and we can assist you in finding the appropriate activewear for your sport.